The Blend

Each of our offerings is a product of our Estate vineyard and the particularities of the growing season. Varietal percentages may change from year to year as each grape’s nuances build upon those of its partners to make a finished wine far more alluring, complete, and alive than any individual varietal could have produced.


The five classic Bordeaux varieties­ ­—individually— add something very specific to the Lineage | Livermore Valley blend: Cabernet Sauvignon is the core of the wine, the structural skeleton upon which all the other grapes layer flesh, muscle, and nerve.  Cabernet Franc is prized for the sense of aliveness it adds in the form of acidity and red fruit. Merlot contributes a weightiness and roundness to the blend, especially in the mid-palate; Petit Verdot adds mid-palate to finish tannin, deep color, and a subtle floral aromatic note, while Malbec adds exotic fruit aromatics and mid-palate tannin.


Vintage Blend Composition

Cabernet Franc